It’s been a while since I’ve posted about how Vanilla I am

Hey Nene! Hey Coach! Clearly your work is unfinished, because while you made serious efforts to render me less Vanilla, and a little more hip/urban/ratchet… I am still vibrantly vanilla. Context: Teacher is in Baltimore for a kizomba-salsa-bachata congress. Guy calls me up to ask me a question, and in true ADD fashion, gets distracted […]

This is true love, part 2

I have the best team ever, right? Right. My darlings. They keep me going when nothing else does. For the 2nd year running, my little GAB surprised me on Valentine’s day with a deluxe grilled cheese sandwich. Grilled cheese… with BACON. I was so overwhelmed, I hugged her. #professionalheartemoji It was delicious. Yesterday (Feb 15) […]

Solo tripcations are my new fave thing

I should have seen this coming. Teacher is an artiste – not a practical bone in his body. It’s part of his charm. Sometimes. Teacher forgot to check the visa requirements for entering the United Arab Emirates… and it looks extremely unlikely that he will be granted one for next week’s Kizomba festival in Dubai. Just […]

That time I had a panic attack in a sex shop

The Universe has kindly warned me that my latest single stretch is going to last forever. This poses something of a problem, since my dating dry spells also translate into sexual draughts: despite the fact that all white girls are slutty, obvi, I’m just not comfortable with casual sex divorced from any emotion or meaning. […]

The accidental chastity belt

Immediately after the best trick-or-treating session ever, I attended a friend’s Halloween house party. There was a good cross-section of friends and strangers (a ninja, a sexy bumblebee, a priest, a steampunk rocker, a cowboy with a flesh-wound, Will Smith from Independence Day, DD as a dirty cop, Nene wearing a mask that can be […]

This is why I am single. #vanillaftw

Nene has long expressed a desire to meet Alphonse. Happy to oblige, Alphonse accompanied me to the gym last night. Nene didn’t show.  Alphonse was understandably disappointed, but he made do, and squeezed in a decent workout.     He performed his kettlebell swings with perfect form.   Alphonse likes lifting heavy things: he ain’t worried […]

Follow-up to sexting post: a cake rant

For starters, if any of you haven’t read my post about how I sexted a guy (“V”) who lived out of town, changed my mind, and then spent 2 months dealing with his unalterable expectations, regardless of my sledge-hammer techniques to try convince him that I really and truly had changed my mind, which culminated in […]